surreallist manamo

February 26, 2006

Surrealism is himself is the quote to describe this artist.
Originate from Singapore.


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Sui Generis

February 24, 2006

Get another submission from Mr.Kiji.
This Project is name “Sui Generis”.

groovy and funky style combining vector and graffiti.
A cool and creative development.

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beautiful crime

February 24, 2006


Beautiful Crime is an innovative gallery showcasing Artists whose work transcends traditional perceptions of the classic graffiti style. Subversive, challenging and beautiful, contemporary graffiti is the most compelling and contentious art movement to emerge in recent years.
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simone sbarbati

February 22, 2006

A photographer studied cinema that lived in Italy.
view his shot of light.



more on his site. enjoy.

Massive Swerve

February 22, 2006

Truely inspiring angular style by Robert Valley and his loose quality of his comic and drawing.


surely love to see more from him.

Creative Contour

February 20, 2006

vibe and colourful…
creating creative contour to new media


check the contour.


February 19, 2006

Well i receive a lot of project submission. but don’t have the hands to keep updating the submission, therefore i has activate the register links for contributors to be on this artrevolt project and show their right brain functioning.

To all the art revolters out there, sign up as Kembara Artrevolter and submit your project. All submission must goes thru moderation.
Thank You.
Spread Single Message.


February 19, 2006

really diggin to this art man..
from the twisted mind of Kody Chamberlain


well stop the sulking…
here the preview of Kody Project with Joshua Fialkov

a different approach of comic presentation…
with a collage style…

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February 16, 2006

Italian visual artist in London UK since 2000..

..pushing the boundaries of photography.


Have submit a photo works from his recent series called “straniero/stranger”.
Check the final project development.


Visit his site here.


February 16, 2006


Build your own web gallery and share your work with other.
Check the site here.

Warren Heise

February 9, 2006


Warren Heise in action, check his site.

Society of Illustrator

February 9, 2006


Check this society, guys.


AMPs are subtle, loud, metaphoric, ambiguous, motivational, literal, symbolic, obvious, bright, dark, distressed, clean, colorful, black and white, surprising, predictable, unique, exciting, boring, inspiring… There are no rules – just gut. The process is a visceral one that is fueled by a yearning to positively contribute to society, for the sheer love of the creative process, for the poetically stagnant nature of posters, and for the deliberate art of contemporary graphic design.

Check The Brain Out.


February 9, 2006


dope and revolt, have to check it ou

No Pink Ponies

February 9, 2006

Updates every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
Check his comic here.

Pop Thirteen (13)

February 7, 2006

Check this monster out, now!