May 30, 2006

Updates for today. I’ve browse some of the latest post and seek out the inspiration of the artist and i totally archive somes proven steel good site to be shared here. Chris Dickason illustration of children inspiration totally revolt.

Two of the comic-blocs members that i found has a amazing comic sketch in their blogs. The Art of Rag Morales and Ken Lashley. Robert E. McGinnis Gallery is something you can’t miss. really a master in this field and admire his stroke and how he blend his colours.

Not to forget Adam Hughes, Ron Dominique the designer with his unique designology with this beautiful design of Veerle from belgium.

enjoy the surf.

A quick updates, yet to be dicovered and bookmark is DQ Books. just had a glance look at the site but recommend you all to visits. Rodney White and Ken Wong, illustrator dan designer back to back with a noteworthy cool information thru their site. inspire me when reading and viewing all their contents. Since78 is Brian Gossett playground with his motion design capture. amazingly tremendous creative humans. last but not least is from work rocks. check them out.

Sketchel stage 2 is now open for submission. A Project by jeremyville. For more info and updates visit sketchel.

illustration has always been an interest for artrevolt and ziuto is one of the inspiration.

illustration friday

May 14, 2006


Not much for today, new topics for the week, join and show your work. It’s already monday. when while waiting for monday this lovely illustration winks at me by Blasutta. Loves her cutpaper collage. While her art blog really aspire and she’s from my local origin.

And Jason Brook illustration really awesome. get to it now. And really amazed with this flash web site. check it out now! and i say now! It’s from danish. It’s Jojo Ensslin.

Enjoy your week, reporting from Portsmouth, South England.

x limit vol01

May 11, 2006

get your very own now! x limit vol01 has risen with the locals artist and photographer unlimited expression in one onlne zines. The theme for this issue is Moments in life.


May 11, 2006

Diary of a process junkie artblog feature Alberto Ruiz great illustrations. Hollow down with Scott Tolleson for a lollygaggin updates of his drawings. Walkcycle! can you imagine that? originals of cybele. check her strokes.

this J babe totally revolt by expressing her strokes of culture deeply into his drawings. The impact of her art makes the drawings stands strong and beautiful, but gentle. High spirits and visions make her art it’s own belief and we can feel it thru her art. check this J babe now!

Disturbing Black Inks

May 6, 2006


Welcoming Claudio Parentela with his inspring arts. feelings in black inks aspired and inspired the artist. check his site out and his gallery to.

crackin and diggin

May 5, 2006


artistic impression thru lineart always revolt how illustration look. stop by kharupt dotcom, an art of Khary Randolph and find a great resource of illustration, not to forget Wesley Gunn. revoltly inspiring.
A paintings of creepy cartoon children living in wasteland fairy tales are critical commenteries on the failures of capitalist utopia. revoltly touched. Camille Rose Garcia present.


young blood heart. the launching of Sanford Green soon, check the site regularly.


Celia Calle! Celia Calle!