Subliminal Project

January 26, 2007

Created by Shepard Fairey and Blaze Blouine an ex-pro skateboarder in 1995 as an art collective. Using skateboards as the fine art medium.

A full service graphic agencies, studio no 1.

Takeshi Miyazawa is a Canadian born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He went to school at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario for fine art and had aspirations of becoming a painter. Factory9ine.

The Thinking man poster artist. Own your original poster. Emek.

zines of a stupid fresh art

January 23, 2007

UK-based with an international perspective, Clutter is the first English language magazine to focus on the designer toy phenomenon. Combining in-depth interviews with the scene’s leading figures, forthright editorial and outstanding photography and design, it’s rapidly establishing itself as the toy collector’s must have read

The Most Stupid Fresh Art Online! Skottie Young.

Visit Keri Smith Portfolio.

Moved and Out

January 22, 2007

The Photography Blog Community has moved to a new url and they are previewing their latest theme on photography. Check persetankan now!!!

Xlimit Issue 07 is out now. Own your zines now. Download and print it. Make it a volume and a token from


April 27, 2006

get inspired with this.
check the site out.


Revolution Art Issue #1

April 12, 2006

Check this artzines blog.
And contribute your art.


Dowbload now!


April 8, 2006

local photography blog.
Great shot and inspiration.
A noteworthy photoblog to share.

Check the photoblog here.

Before & After

April 6, 2006

Who they are
Before & After magazine
has been sharing its practical approach to graphic design since 1990. Because our modern world has made designers of us all (ready or not), Before & After is dedicated to making graphic design understandable, useful and even fun for everyone.

Check and subscribe now!

Sifoo X Limit

April 4, 2006

My Local Graphic And Multimedia Scene has produced it’s own PDF zines.
The very first of our local pdf zines scene.


Own your very own one now.
Download it here.

Great illustration and aspirations for illustrators out there.
A must visit site.

Check yuko art here.

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March 18, 2006

A group of young art and comic talent has risen locally here.
really admire their spirit to hook up with the real world.


Support and visits their sites.
Young guns should take them as example to show their talent to the world with this website.


March 14, 2006


What? ///
EMPTY is a magazine about creativity, in all it’s forms. It’s really that simple. Oh and just for the record, we are a print mag not an online mag. So get your sticky little paws to the newsagents and grab yourself a copy!
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March 7, 2006


useful resources for young motion designer.
dig this.

A Justin Cone Project.


March 5, 2006

What happens when the most radical digital artist meet the most thrilling BMW Z4 Coupe?

New York-based designer Joshua Davis, a pioneer of algorithmic graphic design was invited by BMW to create a limited edition computer-generated prints inspired by the new Z4 Coupe.


March 4, 2006

do take a look street artist out there…


do record and share your footage at graffiti tv.
make our street artistic.

Digital Warhol.

March 3, 2006


when Andy Warhol goes digital.

Andy Warhol, Self Portrait, 1986

check his site here.
Dig this hooklinks from warhol site named Time Capture.

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Sui Generis

February 24, 2006

Get another submission from Mr.Kiji.
This Project is name “Sui Generis”.

groovy and funky style combining vector and graffiti.
A cool and creative development.

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