February 26, 2007

Started off in October of 2001. It was a joint site between Kriegs and Pyrotechnish and was going to be a showcase site to display both of their works. It was a site to where each month, each person would take their turn and design the site, thus having a different design monthly.

Phirebrush IS an online art magazine. Phirebrush IS NOT a resource for images nor is it a stock photography site. Images displayed in our monthly releases are by artists trying to showcase their works. Tying to show their works to people whom may have not seen them before. Please, DO NOT use any Phirebrush material or submissions on your own site, blog, myspace or artwork without the permission of the artist who created the images.

Subliminal Project

January 26, 2007

Created by Shepard Fairey and Blaze Blouine an ex-pro skateboarder in 1995 as an art collective. Using skateboards as the fine art medium.

A full service graphic agencies, studio no 1.

Takeshi Miyazawa is a Canadian born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He went to school at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario for fine art and had aspirations of becoming a painter. Factory9ine.

The Thinking man poster artist. Own your original poster. Emek.

zines of a stupid fresh art

January 23, 2007

UK-based with an international perspective, Clutter is the first English language magazine to focus on the designer toy phenomenon. Combining in-depth interviews with the scene’s leading figures, forthright editorial and outstanding photography and design, it’s rapidly establishing itself as the toy collector’s must have read

The Most Stupid Fresh Art Online! Skottie Young.

Visit Keri Smith Portfolio.


January 22, 2007

Christopher Lee and his Beast is back with lots of creative and revolting art. One of the daily soup that should not be missed for creative hutants to seek.

The Known Gallery and the 7th Letter Crew is a show off site for street artist who’s been craving the wall for dinner. Check the letters in there.Awesome and revolting.

Revok also has launched his site. Not for Haters and Posers and check this retro store for the retro lovers.


January 19, 2007

A New formed of art group movement called RANtAi. it’s been a while they had make a exhibition to revolt and expand the art movement in my city. Based In Kuala Lumpur they are getting up with fresh new idea and events.

Although he write italian at his blog, Segni is the most frequent art blog that i visited just only to view his illustration. Truely inspiring SegniMuscolosi. A Cleveland, Ohio based Illustrator, sculptor and toy designer James Groman also has revolt some of my interest to daily look on his art blog.

illustration friday

May 14, 2006


Not much for today, new topics for the week, join and show your work. It’s already monday. when while waiting for monday this lovely illustration winks at me by Blasutta. Loves her cutpaper collage. While her art blog really aspire and she’s from my local origin.

And Jason Brook illustration really awesome. get to it now. And really amazed with this flash web site. check it out now! and i say now! It’s from danish. It’s Jojo Ensslin.

Enjoy your week, reporting from Portsmouth, South England.


May 11, 2006

Diary of a process junkie artblog feature Alberto Ruiz great illustrations. Hollow down with Scott Tolleson for a lollygaggin updates of his drawings. Walkcycle! can you imagine that? originals of cybele. check her strokes.

this J babe totally revolt by expressing her strokes of culture deeply into his drawings. The impact of her art makes the drawings stands strong and beautiful, but gentle. High spirits and visions make her art it’s own belief and we can feel it thru her art. check this J babe now!

Disturbing Black Inks

May 6, 2006


Welcoming Claudio Parentela with his inspring arts. feelings in black inks aspired and inspired the artist. check his site out and his gallery to.

crackin and diggin

May 5, 2006


artistic impression thru lineart always revolt how illustration look. stop by kharupt dotcom, an art of Khary Randolph and find a great resource of illustration, not to forget Wesley Gunn. revoltly inspiring.
A paintings of creepy cartoon children living in wasteland fairy tales are critical commenteries on the failures of capitalist utopia. revoltly touched. Camille Rose Garcia present.


young blood heart. the launching of Sanford Green soon, check the site regularly.


Celia Calle! Celia Calle!

totally artrevolt

April 28, 2006


Andrew Bell is an artist originiate from Brookly, NY really has something in his head. check his art here.


while this group of illustratist really admire and aspire. check their carbon. While surfing try check this online comic to. lifemeter is a tribute to games character.

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April 27, 2006

get inspired with this.
check the site out.


Great illustration and aspirations for illustrators out there.
A must visit site.

Check yuko art here.

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March 18, 2006

A group of young art and comic talent has risen locally here.
really admire their spirit to hook up with the real world.


Support and visits their sites.
Young guns should take them as example to show their talent to the world with this website.

Ashley Wood

March 16, 2006


Ashley Wood is an internationally acclaimed, commercial illustrator, concept designer and comic book artist. He lives with his wife, his two sons and three cats in Perth, Australia.

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Life A Vector

March 6, 2006


brooke is her name i think.
check her vector life here.
truely inspiring.

Digital Warhol.

March 3, 2006


when Andy Warhol goes digital.

Andy Warhol, Self Portrait, 1986

check his site here.
Dig this hooklinks from warhol site named Time Capture.

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