January 22, 2007

Christopher Lee and his Beast is back with lots of creative and revolting art. One of the daily soup that should not be missed for creative hutants to seek.

The Known Gallery and the 7th Letter Crew is a show off site for street artist who’s been craving the wall for dinner. Check the letters in there.Awesome and revolting.

Revok also has launched his site. Not for Haters and Posers and check this retro store for the retro lovers.

Street and Graff Art.

April 20, 2006

Update on street and graff art.


Klik image above!

Ilustration works is a site to be seen. inspiration and aspiration. visit the art here.


March 4, 2006

do take a look street artist out there…


do record and share your footage at graffiti tv.
make our street artistic.

Sui Generis

February 24, 2006

Get another submission from Mr.Kiji.
This Project is name “Sui Generis”.

groovy and funky style combining vector and graffiti.
A cool and creative development.

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beautiful crime

February 24, 2006


Beautiful Crime is an innovative gallery showcasing Artists whose work transcends traditional perceptions of the classic graffiti style. Subversive, challenging and beautiful, contemporary graffiti is the most compelling and contentious art movement to emerge in recent years.
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January 26, 2006

Well this categories goes to all Street, Stencil, Sticker and Mural Artist and that equivalent to the street terms.
Here in this categories the artist can show off their propaganda works and project for the readers to review.

Interested to be in this categories, send your short bio and your latest work to

Thank You