Who is ArtRevolt Project.

A creative human that observe the environment around to create something different and revolting to other. Someone that inspired and aspired to revolt art to the fullest and living and thinking outside the box.

Someone that strive individually and independently to show his creative side of thinking. If it a big show than a communites should gather to make it happen.

Any creative human that do not have a places to exhibit their right brain analogy. Any serious artist that need a route to be known in the world wide web.

Anyone that does Illustration, Drawing, Painting, Comics, Digital Art, Vector Art, Street Art, Graffiti, Graphic, Motion Graphic and any kind of Art And Craft. If you one of those creative human that wanted to share and show how you developed one art project, than it was you that we want. show your right brain revolting creative art touch.

If you think you have the art revolt join and show your artwork.

All submitted entries has to goes the Kembara Art Assemblage evaluation.

What! Kembara ArtRevolt Project?

It’s a simple self project for everyone to share what is their right brain generating.
No harm made to other living human and a free art lover gallery of experiments.
This is the place or medium for all art lover to spread their single message in a creative route.
At first KARP is a artblogger project that assemble all art blogger in one side of this world wide web and it began in mid 2004.
Connecting and publishing art content thru blog can spread the message and idealism to revolt art.
For that KARP has gathered several art assemblers who has been known in the Local Creative and Massive Art and Design Industry to form an Art Assemblage group named Kembara.
ArtRevolt Project is one of this creative assembler project to spread the single message revoltly thru out the art lover out there.

Where to ArtRevolt Project?

Anywhere that did not damaging or vandalising the public places.
You can pursue your project anywhere you like.
Places that when people see would revolt their right brain.
Places that no one can disturb or interfere with your projects.

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